starting out


I was inspired to start this blog from friends who have cultivated positive documentation of their lives and interests on WordPress.  Up until now, I've always been a Tumblr gal; yet blogging that way hasn't exactly kept me motivated to write. I think my thoughts are best suited to appear here as I begin navigating through patiently evolving in my craft, career and city.

I liken myself to Carrie Bradshaw; and not because I'm a published writer, or an expert on the dating scene in Manhattan, or can smoke multiple cigarettes in an episode (Yuck. Sorry, Carrie).  I have my core girlfriends who keep me grounded with their commiseration, I've had my Mr. Big, I can't resist good shoes, and I've had my ancient MacBook that holds too many momentous to part with.  But mostly, I connect with her eagerness to find the meaningful crevices within this wild city and attribute it to something personal.  I am constantly searching for ways to ask the universal question of "why?" and, as of now, sharing it with you.

I still feel fresh-faced to this city; learning, discovering or eating something new here every day.  I am your typical Milennial Manhattanite; twenty-five, single, my closet over flowing with clothes I don't wear enough.  I hail from Connecticut, where I lived most of my life until about three years ago when I packed my bags to pursue a theatrical career in New York.

Three years later, I went from a nervous yet resilient girl living in an apartment with four boys and three animals in a room the size of my hand; to a latte-loving, barre class-doing, (still nervous, still resilientwoman with a grounded job and a studio apartment to wake up in each morning.  My life has made vast improvements, yet I am surely no where near where I want to be.  I am patiently evolving, and starting new every day.

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