whole again


In case you’ve been wondering, life post-Whole30 has been very eye-opening.  I’ve eaten three bagels, half a plate of nachos and have had a grand total of 9 drinks since Friday.  And I gotta tell ya…I feel like shit.

My skin doesn’t feel the same as it has for the past month, I have bloated like a blowfish, and spent most of yesterday feeling like I had heartburn in my tummy.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to continue on as “Whole30” as humanly possible.  I hate the way I feel when I over-indulge on foods that truly are not good for me.  I am doing myself a disservice by eating the way I used to.

So, yes, while the occasional drink will not ruin me, I am re-commiting myself to being kind to my body.  My weekend of trying to adapt to former cravings has come to an end, and I am so happy to see cleaner choices ahead.


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