I am a Manhattan gal, through and through.  I don’t think I’ve said it enough on this blog (sarcasm).  But holy crap, Beantown!  I did not think I would fall in love so hard and fast.

If you ordered a super-sized Williamsburg, you would get Boston on a silver platter.  It’s like Manhattan’s mild, laid-back, chilled-the-fuck-out cousin; lower buildings, less litter, and everyone is so friendly.  You don’t see a Starbucks on every corner, the bars are quaint and original, and I had some of the best brunch of my life.  After a short and sweet 48 hours, I quickly fell for Boston’s charm.
I only scratched the surface of this city, but below you’ll find the stand-out places I explored in my two days.
Jacob Wirth Co. – Stuart Street, Boston
This place is very Jacob’s Pickles meets Rosy Tomorrow’s.  It’s charming and hospitable, cozy yet much larger on the inside than you would have guessed.  They make a slammin’ cosmopolitan and their burgers are out of this world.  I’m pretty confident our waitress couldn’t understand my New England accent, but she was sweet.  Her Boston accent was amazing.
Thinking Cup Gourmet Coffee & Espresso Bar – Tremont Street, Boston
When I saw the small “Stumptown Coffee Roasters” sign outside, I knew we had to stop in this place.  Thinking Cup is massively likable and the baristas are exceptionally friendly.  They seem to be pretty popular for their Bourbon Latte.
Intermission Tavern – Tremont Street, Boston
In the heart of the Theater District sits this very quaint tavern clad in theatrical memorabilia to satisfy every post-production drink desire.  After tirelessly searching for dessert our first night in town, we stopped inside this gem, where we struck out for the last time.  Our waitress was pretty honest with us when we asked if the city was void of all sweets; our walking radius was just a bit too small for what we needed.  They were fresh out of cookies n’ cream, so we settled for their tiramisu.  Their cosmopolitan was nothing compared to Jacob Wirth.  But the boys that came in were pretty fun to look at.
Masa Restaurant – Tremont Street, Boston
FullSizeRender 2
I will never forget this place.  Ever.  Best brunch, best cocktails, best service.  My three friends and I came here on a whim and it was the highlight of our trip.  Our server, Antonio, immediately asked if we liked mimosas upon seating us and never let a moment pass without ensuring the bottles of complementary champagne on the table were full enough to accompany our fresh-squeezed OJ.  The food was incredible – I personally got the breakfast burrito and don’t think any burrito I eat again will ever compare.  Antonio then brought us free tequila shots, which he quietly took with us.  And at the end of it all, the manager knocked $20 off our bill because she liked us.  We would have paid full price for the experience. Nuff said.
Joe’s American Bar & Grill  – Newbury Street, Boston
Wow.  Wow wow wow.  Joe’s was worth every compliment my friend Gerardo paid it when he insisted we have dinner there.  I am a freak about Spinach and Artichoke dip.  And despite the fact that the Whole30 has left my stomach in knots whenever I eat dairy, I took the chance for Joe’s Spin Dip.  Holy crap.  Either they lace it in crack, or it’s the best I’ve ever tasted (likely the latter, but hey, you never know).  The pineapple cosmopolitan couldn’t hold a candle to a classic, but it was a new experience.
The Pour House Bar & Grill – Boylston Street, Boston
There’s a Ms PacMan machine in the back (score), but the treble on the sound system is way too high and massively distracting.  Their prices are fair and their cosmopolitan was my second favorite of the trip.  Cute pit-stop find.
The Beehive – Tremont Street, Boston
Although not much could measure up to our brunch experience at Masa, The Beehive came highly recommended from many of our friends.  We were seated directly in front of the live jazz band as we enjoyed our Eggs Benedict and Waffles with homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit.  It was a bit more expensive than we anticipated, but something had to be as pricey as New York to bring us back to reality.
South End Buttery – Shawmut Ave, Boston
As you know by now, my morning latte is very important.  When The Beehive didn’t carry non-dairy milk, we stopped in this place to settle my caffeine addiction.  Clean, cute, and addiction-friendly.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace – South Market Building, Boston
Our last stop was towards the North End to Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  Filled with small shops, restaurants, bakeries, and live music, this place reminded me all to much of the streets in Edinburgh.  I have never found a place in The States that has reminded me of the UK as much as Boston did.  And maybe that’s why I loved my time here so much.
New York City is my home; but it’s the only city I’ve ever truly known.  I loved exploring another city that isn’t the city.  Boston truly dug its way into my heart this weekend, and I can’t wait to go back again someday.  Whether for a visit or maybe something long-term, I see Boston in my future.

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