musical(s) I…


I’m jumping on the Facebook status bandwagon sweeping my News Feed, creating a laundry list of musicals we do/do not enjoy.   As with any social media trend, we’re always fascinated yet skeptical to actually join.  It got me wondering about my taste in musical theatre; so instead of a simple status update, I decided to turn it into a more fleshed out post:

Musical(s) I Hate:  Hello, Dolly!

Okay, hate is a very strong word. But I truly don’t understand the draw with Hello, Dolly! It was the spring musical my sophomore year of high school and it was so boring. I have many friends involved in this Broadway revival and I’m sure it is nothing short of phenomenally executed, but the show itself doesn’t tickle my fancy. I’m hoping that seeing so many loved ones in this revival will change my mind.

Musical(s) I think is overrated:
Sunday in the Park with George

So hear me out – I love Stephen Sondheim. He is my all-time favorite composer. But I was not as moved by Sunday in the Park… as I thought I would be. Maybe I need to check myself into the Bernadette/Mandy filmed version…

Musical I think is underrated:
The Bridges of Madison County

I don’t care what people say – I was in love with this musical. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. But I went back to see it three different times (I tried for a fourth closing week, but it was sold out). It was brilliantly written and executed. Steven Pasquale has my heart.

Musical(s) I love:
The Bridges of Madison County
See above^

Dear Evan Hansen
Holy shit in a shit storm this show is phenomenal. I could see it over and over again and cry my heart out every single time and give Ben Platt a standing ovation every night.  Even if I’m standing on the street.

The day I found out Sara Bareilles wrote a musical, I knew I would be in love. The album is on constant repeat.

Musical(s) I cherish:
This show made me fall in love with musical theater. Plain and simple.

Into The Woods
I will always love this musical. It feels like home.

This show should have never closed when it did. UGH. So damn good.


What a beautiful and uplifting show to be a part of.  I felt emotionally connected to this show every night I performed with it.

Guilty pleasure musical(s):

I’m not even guilty about it, I just love it.

Musical(s) to star in:
Realistically —

Waitress (duh)
Heathers (hi, hello)
Into The Woods (it’ll happen again…)

Unrealistically —

In The Heights (I loOove it. I’ll never be Nina)
Footloose (I’m past my prime for Rusty)

Musical(s) to Direct:
Spring Awakening

Musical(s) you know like the back of your hand:

Into the Woods
Spring Awakening

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