before i dive right into you


Over the past few years, Ed Sheeran has wiggled his way into my top ten favorite artists (I may even be so bold as to throw him in my top five).

I recently took a liking to his newest album, Divide.  Following it’s release, I found myself putting off listening to Divide for a couple months because I didn’t want anything to break my addiction to his album X (I’m not as familiar with +, but if you haven’t figured out the trend by now, his next album will likely be called Subtract).

It got me thinking about my tactics of listening to new music by my favorite artists.  I’m always fearful that the newest album will never amount to the ones I already love.  Sometimes, I’m right.  Dave Matthews’ Away From The World will never touch any of his previous albums.  And Jason Mraz’s Yes was a bit of a let-down after playing We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things and his Live From Earth album on repeat for years.

I’ve started to realize that my feelings about music fluxuate with my affiliation of these albums to certain chapters of my life.  The nostalgic coorolation is what makes them so much more sacred and harder to listen to something new.  As cliche as it sounds, most of my favorite music changes with the seasons of my life.

This season’s anthem is Dive from Ed Sheeran’s Divide.  It stood out to me the first time I heard it last month, and rapidly became my favorite.  Give it a listen, or don’t – whatever suits your fancy.  Maybe you already know what your season’s anthem is; this one is mine.


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