twelve cafes i love a latte


If you’ve been reading my prior posts, or know me in general, I love coffeeshops.  My morning latte is a crucial start to my day, and I’ll sometimes get a second (decaf, of course) if I’m feeling it.

Living in Manhattan ignited this obsession – before moving here I was a brief coffee-addict, then tea-drinker, turned latte-lover when I went to my first small coffeeshop in Hamilton Heights (see chipped).

Here are twelve different coffeeshops scattered across New York City that pack a mean shot of espresso for all your caffinated needs —

Double Dutch Espresso | Harlem @ Fredrick Douglass Blvd


Sister store of my personal fave, The Chipped Cup, is Double Dutch Coffee in Central Harlem.  It’s also related to Filtered Coffee on 141st and Amsterdam, and their newest location on 184th and Broadway.  All locations brew and serve (my favorite) Counter Culture Coffee.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters | West 72nd Street & Broadway


Irving Farm is an UWS favorite of mine.  Their coffee is amazing, which is a given, but they have multiple locations scattered across Manhattan (including a stand in the midst of Grand Central Station).  Their pastries and egg sandwiches are also to die for.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters | West 8th Street & Washington Square West


I’ve already sang praises about Stumptown Coffee Roasters (see my landmarks), but this is my post-barre class go-to in the West Village.  This particular location is easily accessible to Washington Square Park and the various shops that welcome you into the heart of the village.  They also have a nifty nitro brew on tap.

Bibble & Sip | West 51st Street & 8th Avenue


Known best by tourists for its cream puffs, Bibble & Sip also has the mom n’ pop coffeeshop taste while it sits in the heart of midtown.  This place saved me from drinking crappy Starbucks lattes during tech for CATS.  They too serve Counter Culture Coffee; bringing a little taste of The Chipped Cup around the corner from my home-away-from-home at the Neil Simon Theater.

The Monkey Cup | W 146th Street & Amsterdam Avenue


This sweet little hold-in-the-wall has brought in many regulars in the two years since its opening back in 2015.  I vividly remember being intrigued by the signs for this new place on my way to the A train when I lived in this neighborhood.  It’s a little off the beaten path from the main-stream gentrified spots along Broadway in Hamilton Heights, but it’s great for a quick pit-stop if you find yourself in need of caffeine on your walk to the 145th A train.  The Monkey Cup serves Irving Farm Coffee Roasters and some sweet vegan treats on the weekends.

Birch Coffee | Columbus Avenue & 96th Street


I fell very hard and fast for Birch Coffee in the Autumn of 2014 when I met a couple friends there and had a brilliantly sweet almond tea to stay.  I shamelessly walked out of there three hours later with a fresh bag of it to bring home and brew myself.  At the time, they also served a variety of fresh-pressed grilled cheeses, beer on tap, and, of course, great coffee and pastries.  The grilled cheese has since been taken off the menu, and while I can’t speak for everyone, it was a pretty deep blow to not have access to grilled cheese that good.  However, their Lenka granola bars and coffee keeps me coming back there.  They too have locations scattered across Manhattan, but their proximity to a shopping strip saturated with my favorite stores (TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Michaels, Bareburger, Whole Foods) on Columbus Avenue is what makes me a frequent customer.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds | Brooklyn @ Third Avenue


I cannot lie, I have only ever been to Four & Twenty Blackbirds once in my life, as I do not find myself in Brooklyn very often.  It was a beautiful summer afternoon in 2015 and I was waiting for a friend to get out of a yoga class and stumbled upon this place.  They are best known for their pies (which I did, in fact, try), but their ambiance and lattes are also something to write home about.  If you find yourself in this neighborhood, definitely stop in.

Hamilton’s Bakery | Broadway & 146th Street


Joining the ranks of the trendy restaurants along Broadway in the 140’s a little over a year ago was Hamilton’s Bakery & Coffee.  At the time, they were two blocks away from my apartment and admittedly took me away from the Chipped Cup for about a month.  The owners did a fantastic job at turning two run-down shops into a beautiful cafe.  It’s been a couple months since I’ve stopped in, but I believe they’ve expanded their menu to include more dining-in options, including Sunday Brunch (mimosas and all).


Le Cafe Coffee | West 14th Street & 5th Avenue


Home of the first lavender latte I ever tried, Le Caffe Coffee is a great stop if you need a little pick-me-up amidst the shopping in Union Square.  It’s very small, so don’t expect to sit for a while (if at all), but you can also grab a great salad, sandwich or DOUGH doughnut.

Gossip Coffee | Astoria, Queens @ 30 Ave


I was so mesmerized by Gossip Coffee when I went in there on January 1st this past year.  It was a beautiful new adventure in Astoria, Queens that I am excited to revisit on the warmer days when I can enjoy their beautiful back patio.

Aroma Espresso Bar | Church Street & Barclay


Aroma Espresso Bar looks like your typical commercial coffee spot (and it is), but a sip of their coffee will make you quickly forget where you are for a moment.  They have pretty decent food, and also accompany every espresso drink with a small chocolate (kinda like a pillow mint, if you will).

Plowshares Coffee Roasters | Broadway @ West 105th Street


I will go out of my way to get myself a latte at Plowshares Coffee on the Upper West Side. It is home to one of the best lattes I’ve ever had.  It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but it packs a punch in their espresso drinks.



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