“Bravery is living life wide awake.  Bravery is feeling what you need to feel.  Bravery is dancing with your fear instead of avoiding it.”

-Dr. Rebecca Ray

I’m back to blogging in hopes of reigniting the self-reflective and open relationship I have with myself.  This past week, my world was inflated with many emotions — namely the cautious, blind, brave tip-toe towards embracing the unknown. Bravery to take a step in an uncomfortable direction will be an obstacle we continuously face at various moments in our lives; and most times we won’t know that the fear we feel is merely a fraction of the courage we have.

“It takes courage to come undone; there is so much vulnerability in the process of unraveling.  So much freedom, too.

I don’t know you, but I know there’s something you must do.  Maybe it’s to finally walk away from the person who isn’t your person anymore, even though you so badly want them to be.  Maybe it’s starting the blog that’s been weighing on your heart for years.  Maybe it’s going back to school when you’re afraid of being a beginner again, of standing out and looking awkward and feeling misplaced.  Maybe it’s leaving the job, or joining the gym, or making the phone call.”

A dear friend recently sent me Dr. Rebecca Ray’s Soul Sparks Newsletter entitled “10 Things That Happen When You Get Brave”; and I firmly believe that whether we’re feeling high or low, at some point, we’ll need a small nudge or hard shove towards the tough choices in our lives.  These words validated my emotions and gave me permission to commiserate with the unnerving reality that comes with the aftermath of a brave choice.  The most relieving realization is the reassurance that your feelings are normal.

Your breakthrough will feel exhilarating.  What happens next won’t.  
That initial rush proves that it’s all worth it…You needed this awakening…And after that first HELL YES moment, just be aware that you’re going to come down a bit and that’s okay, that’s normal…You’re going to have to get used to being uncomfortable for a bit.  Feeling off or sad or scared doesn’t mean you made the wrong choice, it means you made a new choice.”

It’s so easy to feel like the choices we make are wrong when they don’t quite feel right.  Uncomfortably staring out into an abyss can be both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. But trusting that all feelings – both high and low – are temporary is also trusting that when the comfortability settles in, the reason for the abyss starts to become clear.  When feelings are constantly in flux, practicing patience with those emotions can be the biggest obstacle to conquer.

“You thought making the leap was the hard part.  Nope.  You’ve just shifted your reality and changed your expectations.  People who once fit perfectly into your world, back when you questioned your worthiness, no longer do…And so you’ll be asked to let go.  Letting go is a continuous choice, not this dramatic, one time only event where you officially release what’s been weighing you down.  No, you’ll have to choose to let go again and again and again until eventually love is your baseline.”

It’s amazing to me that we put this expectation on ourselves to immediately adjust to the new choices we’ve made – specifically the ones we know may take time to reveal their purpose.  Exuding confidence the moment we make a tough choice takes much more than feeling it the day we decide to step forward.  We are allowed to feel sad, we are allowed to feel lost, we are allowed to grieve over the parts of our lives that we once loved but are no longer serving a positive purpose.  But we must continue to re-choose ourselves each day until its practice becomes such an integral part of our lives that it’s no longer a choice but second nature.

“You’ve given the universe a green light to send you what you want…When you raise your vibration, you are magnetic.  This means new opportunities, new relationships, new attention, new everything…By accepting and allowing the good things coming into your life, you are showing others how it’s done.  You’re raising the bar.”

Bravery comes in all forms.  It can be large, small, unnerving, liberating, and most of all, questionable.  Most of the time, we don’t recognize how brave we are until we need it enough to make choices that will eventually pave the paths in our world.  I am a huge believer in trusting the universe to guide us towards where we need to go, but not unless we are willing to embrace that those jolts of directional change won’t always make sense right away.  Let’s be magnetic, let’s raise the bar, let’s allow the universe to show us why we needed to be pulled from our comfort zone.  Without bravery, we will forever be walking in circles, hoping that something will change for us rather than fearlessly moving through uncomfortable moments towards a world where the choices we make for ourselves will inevitably come to fruition and bring a life we deserve.

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