giving thanks


Each year we spend the Thanksgiving holiday sharing what we’re thankful for and breaking bread with our families. Whether it’s your blood-related, friend tribe, or work family is up to interpretation and circumstance; but nonetheless, it is a day to share-in and be surrounded by good energy, good people, and good food.

I was lucky enough to land the trifecta this Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the company of family and friends, ending the day back in New York to a sold-out show at CATS with my work fam (eating Little Pie Company pie no less…)

I heavily considered staying in New York this year for Thanksgiving. It would have been the first year of my existence that I wasn’t home with my family. I was conflicted — on the one hand, as we grow older, we sometimes have to choose our travel battles wisely. On the other, the holiday season is sacred – filled with nostalgia and tradition that only recirculates at that special time once a year. And while it feels like a week has passed between stepping on the train to Connecticut last night and as I sit here writing this in New York less than twenty-four hours later, I would not have traded the moments I had today for anything else.

I love Connecticut. I love waking up in the morning, eating cinnamon rolls with my parents, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love my Grandma’s mashed potatoes and the smell of her home on the holidays. I love seeing my family from Long Island. I love playing Bananagrams with them and watching my Grandma get really upset every time someone yells “PEEL!” I also love that she still slips me twenty dollar bills like it’s hush money. And, most of all, I love that my cousins and I still have to sit at the kids table even though we’re all over the age of 22.

I am incredibly blessed to have a mere sixty miles in between my two homes; and moreover to have a family there with open arms that carts me to and from the train to New York just to see me for 16 hours. I am so grateful to have friends that think to reach out and wish me a “Happy Thanksgiving,” even though we’re grateful for each other every other day of the year. And, furthermore, I am very lucky to spend one last Thanksgiving sharing this theater with brilliant artists tonight, eating pie and comparing food baby bellies.

I am surrounded by an abundance of love and gratitude this Thanksgiving, and I hope you are, too.

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