order now, ask later


This morning, while running errands, I made my daily pitstop to The Chipped Cup, a sweet little uptown coffeeshop on Broadway at 149th that takes all my money and supplements my caffeine addiction (I love them).  I ordered my usual, and as the barista called out my drink at the bar, a man standing in line to order goes, “What is that?  I want that!”  The barista reiterated my order to him (a large, iced, almond milk latte) and he confirmed he definitely wanted that.

This guy had absolutely no idea what was in my drink.  When it came time for him to actually commit to the drink, he started changing his mind.  “Oh, not almond milk, I want regular milk.  Oh, wait, is there espresso in that?  What does that mean?  Can I get the almond in there with regular milk?”

So, what you’re saying, sir, is that you looked at the drink and wanted it, but you had absolutely no idea what the drink actually was? Clearly this man might be a little slow on the uptake (and probably shouldn’t be in a coffeeshop), but here’s a thought: Why are we so quick to look at things and instantly commit to them without knowing what’s inside?

I feel, especially in this day in age, we impulsively commit to something we see without asking questions first.  Whether it’s clothing, jobs, relationships — we’ll order it first and ask questions later.

So what happens if you realize you don’t want it anymore?  This man couldn’t return the coffee for a refund — they simply just made him another variation of what he wanted (free of charge, of course, because Chipped Cup is magic).  But in the long run, who does that hurt?  Not this customer, because there are no consequences for his error in judgment.  It hurts the business.

And what about the things we commit to that don’t come with gift receipts?  Apartments, relationships, jobs.  You can quit on all of these things, and the landlords will find new tenants, your exes will find new significant others, and the company can hire someone else; but isn’t that more trouble than it’s worth?

As the questions first, order it when you know it’s what you want.


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