the year of patiently evolving

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As the air of a new year is saturated with fresh resolutions, I’ve been dwelling a lot on what I want to manifest itself the most in 2018.  I deemed this past year “The Year of Travel,” and, without really trying, it came to fruition (see The Year of Travel). Naturally, I want this year to manifest something truly special in the same way that 2017 did.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with an appropriate title; torn between “The Year of Practicing Patience” and “The Year of Total Transformation.”  Both are strong contenders to manifest — I am one of the most impatient people alive and could use as many Transformation Tuesdays as a girl can get.  But isn’t every year transformative?  Inevitably, something about us changes over the course of these 365 days and we leave the year a bit different than we were when it first arrived.

I shared this struggle yesterday afternoon with my dear friend Hailei, who coined concept of naming her year, as we sipped on macadamia milk lattes together in a little midtown coffeeshop.  I knew her advice would bring perspective and clarity.  She pondered on my two options for a moment, then offered up a compromise:

The Year of Patiently Evolving.

If you’re reading this, you should know by now that this blog has been entitled “Patiently Evolving” since I created it ten months ago.  Hailei suggested this title without even realizing that.  That’s how I knew that it was right.

She compared it to being a caterpillar in a cocoon, waiting patiently as it grows for the right moment to break out and say, “Hey world, I’m a butterfly now, and it was so worth the time I spent in that damn cocoon!”

If there was any year to begin practicing patience with my journey, it’s this one.  I’m not only stepping into a new year, but a new world: My job has just come to an end, my EMC contract is about to as well — I’m looking into an abyss.  There will be many moments of doubt, anxiety, fear, sacrifice, and, most importantly, change.  Now is the time to handle myself with care.  Now is the time to embrace patiently evolving.

Here’s to hoping that by December 31st, I feel kind of like a butterfly.

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