I am thousands of feet above the earth – floating over Manhattan as I watch the skyline get smaller and smaller. It’s interesting to think I used to cross over bridges, glance to my right, see this skyline, and marvel at its beauty as we passed by. All for a moment and then it was gone.

Rarely do we as New Yorkers get to see the skyline; for we exist in its corners and crevices. The small speck of light you see in a building is someone dancing around their apartment to their favorite artist with all their lights on. The dim one next door is a mother trying to take some time to herself after putting the kids to bed. And the little pockets of darkness are the ones who are wandering the wild city; lest we forget this is the city that never really sleeps.

This skyline is a story within a story within a story – and that is what makes it so divine.

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