the wood bros

new york


Last night I had the pleasure of standing amongst the crowd gathered at Irving Plaza to see The Wood Brothers; a kick-ass folk band whose music unexpectedly rocked my evening.

As I stood there I became rapidly aware that I don’t go to as many concerts as I would like to.  There are so many groups, solo artists, musicians I live for who I’ve never seen live, some I have.  Amongst the favorites I’ve been to, however, are Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, moe., Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again tour when I was in the fourth grade…to name a few.  Summer of 2010, I went to Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut — my boyfriend at the time really wanted to go and I really wanted to impress him by going too (I wore a hemp necklace and a backpack I would never be caught dead in today.  See photo below.)


That was the first time I had seen groups live before listening to their music (aside from the usual unknown opening acts beforehand).  Usually, it’s the other way around, right? You go to the live show because you’ve stumbled upon their music at some point in your lifetime and you’ve grown to admire their sound.  I knew of one band that day at Gathering of the Vibes, but it kind of turned into a music buffet; you pay for the festival knowing there’s someone there you want to see, but you get to try all these other bands out in the meantime.  I was eighteen (and clearly out of touch with who I was), but I had a blast.  Last night was the first time since then I had decided to go see a group I had never heard before, and it was awesome.

We got so caught up in drinks and food and arrived too late to catch the opening act, The Stray Birds, but they joined The Wood Brothers halfway through the show for a rendition of “Midnight Special,” a song that was featured in a folk musical I worked on three years ago called Lonesome Traveler.  It was so nice to be taken back to that sweet little snippet of my life through that song.  We also arrived too late to get towards the front, so I couldn’t see much.  Taylor stands at a solid 6′ 6″, so he kept trying to meet my eye level to find sight lines.  I didn’t really care about watching them, their music was just so much fun to experience, I was happy to be behind the bobbing heads.


I can’t wait to check out the rest of their stuff and follow their journey.  I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys Folk/R&B, or just some real good music.

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