happy wednesday


Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day, because HEY!  It’s here!


Whether you’re single, taken, talking to someone, smooching someone, indifferent towards someone, dancing with your girlfriends, engaged to your soulmate, or married for twenty years, guess what? Today is simply Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.  And whether you’re loving yourself or loving someone, or no one, or your cat, you are a beacon of love.  You will be today, and you will be tomorrow while you eat half-price chocolate from Rite Aid.

Every day, we make the conscious choice to wake up in the morning and love those around us.  We make friends, we take lovers, sometimes we cross paths with people who will be in our lives forever; and we choose to show them how much they mean to us.  Today is just another Wednesday.  Today, like every other Wednesday, is an excuse to get together with your part-time lovers, your full time friends, your galentines, your best pals and love, love, love.

So lay a big kiss on your loved ones, bear hug your parents, stand on a table and dance and drink margaritas with your friends; because you will love and be loved just as much next Wednesday as you are today.

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