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I spent about 30 hours in Providence, Rhode Island this weekend visiting one of my best pals who moved out there six months ago.  Life without her in New York has been a strange adjustment, but seeing pieces of her world was really special (even if it was raining almost the entire time…).

B   A   Y   B   E   R   R   Y


We started with Saturday brunch at Bayberry Beer Hall, which was kind of a fluke and a little bit perfect.  Bayberry is fairly new but well-populated.   It’s cafeteria-style seating but we sat at the bar and split a decedent cinnamon roll then ate a farmer’s breakfast and seasonal frittata and sipped on an amazingly-crafted sangria.

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B   O   L   T     C   O   F   F   E   E     C   O.

If you know me, I’m a sucker for a mean latte (the nice ones are too sub-par for me).  I also have a new-found obsession with Oatly Oat Milk — it’s very hard for me to have any other milk since trying it.  Their website rocks and they have this nifty feature where you can find out what cafes in your area serve their milk.  So naturally, we went to the nearest one after brunch.

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I was really impatient and kept trying to guess what sentence these very large wall words spelled out, but all of my guesses were incorrect.  It reads, “For a long time, I went to bed early.”  (I always aim to go to bed early, but instead I go to these cafes and get lots of lattes with Oatly Oat Milk, so here we are).  We didn’t stick around, but the inside was super quaint and had a giant pink neon sign reading:

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P   L   E   A   S   A   N   T      S   U   R   P   R   I   S   E

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Let me introduce you to the shirt I will be sleeping in for the next month.  Pleasant Surprise Providence truly lives up to the name.  It’s an amazing novelty shop equipped with hilarious books, trinkets, and clothing with “Providence” written on it in real big letters for the people in the back.  Must-go, must-see, must-visit Pleasant Surprise.

B   R   O   W   N     U.

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The Brown University campus is stunning.  Even in dreary weather, I was captivated by the beautifully-aged architecture and that in the midst of this adorable city, exists a college campus you could pluck straight from a suburban town.

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The bookstore was a very compact version of Barnes & Noble (duh) supplied with real cozy Brown U. garb (I’m still waiting for a tee that reads, “Brown is the new Black,” but whatever).  We stepped in only to use the restroom and I still saw at least five books I want to read over the next month.

My favorite sight on our trip to Brown were these aluminum men who were holding hands and dancing in a circle.  Someone was super responsible and put a beanie on one of them because, let’s face it, it’s February.

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P   A   S   T   I   C   H   E

Danielle and I probably sat at Pastiche Fine Desserts Cafe for at least two hours.  I sipped on English Breakfast tea and we had lengthy girl talk over a Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie and Dutch Apple Pie (literally the taste of fall disguised in a dessert).  We discovered what crème anglaise is (it is so delicious) and I probably then-and-there gained four pounds.

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D   U   C   K     &     B   U   N   N   Y

I absolutely did not take the photo below because it was pouring my second morning there, but The Duck and Bunny’s forty-five minute wait was extremely worth it (Even if we did have to spend the first twenty minutes of that wait sitting next to nine insufferable Brown U. freshmen girls, we survived).


We shared two pancakes stuffed with chocolate and bananas, and each got a Crêperito; a breakfast burrito wrapped in a crêpe rather than a tortilla stuffed with egg, cheese, brown rice, onions, spinach and topped with salsa, guac, and sour cream [insert several heart-eyes emoji here].  I also had their Strawberry Basil Mojito and HELLO it was perfect.

T   H   E      S   H   O   P

Up the street from The Duck and Bunny lives this little coffee spot called The Shop.

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Obviously, the very first thing I spotted was a carton of Oatly sitting next to the rest of the milks and I was in literal heaven.  This coffee shop was the only spot (get it, The Spot? I crack myself up) besides Bolt Coffee Co. in Providence that serves Oatly Oat Milk and we inadvertently stumbled upon it.  The sugar was labeled, “YES I AM SUGAR,” so needless to say, I would recommend this place just purely for how direct they are.  Danielle and I sat ourselves in that little nook on the left for a bit to avoid braving the rain.

Despite the weather, my trip to Providence was very brief but filled to the brim with wonderful conversation, exploration, and real good food.  I cannot wait to go back once the weather is warmer and see what else the city has to offer.

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