whole thirty


Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for a good Whole30 challenge (see whole again).  Exactly a year ago today, I decided to try my first challenge, and March of 2017 was filled with a lot of change, growth, and discovery. It’s amazing what the human body can feel when you decide to nourish it with the only the essentials; stripping it of the crap we’ve grown addicted to.


This year, I decided March was, again, going to be my month to experience the Whole30 Challenge for the first time in 2018; but I wanted to take a step further.  March of 2018 will not only be a month to challenge myself to no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no legumes and no alcohol, but also no social media.  No Facebook, No Instagram, No Twitter (this excludes WordPress, because I believe my blog manifests creative writing through blogging, so, you can still hear from me here). March will be a month to cleanse, repair, replenish and restore; in many ways, and I am beyond ready for it.

So, if you need to reach me — call, text, e-mail, send me a postcard, some snail mail, a fruit basket, smoke signal — whatever. I will check my Facebook messages periodically but I won’t check any notifications SO if you want to invite me to an event, I straight up need an engraved invitation. Truly. I will send you my address.

In the meantime I will be taking book recommendations, reading said books, designing websites, writing about my adventures, working on my art, and probably eating a lot of broccoli.

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