week four

lifestyle, personal

Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve considered the last ten days of my Whole30 extravaganza one collective week (it sure feels like one – it was a blur).  The adventures I took were an incredible way to round out this thirty-day journey; in fact, I’m a little sad to see it come to an end.  Sure, I’m (kind of) happy to rejoin the social media world, and I ate a lot of bunny cake today, but it was nice to have a reason not to.  Admittedly, I started sparingly reincorporating “normal” foods (not cake) and drinks into my system this week to reacclimate myself a little earlier than usually so I could include it in my final blog post.

So let’s look at a little side-by-side selfie action, shall we?

March 1st:

March 30th:

My hair’s a little darker, my mind, body, and skin are a little clearer, my teeth are a lot…different, and my heart is a lot fuller. This month was refreshing and rejuvenating and I would do it again (I probably will, stay tuned).

Watch the video above for snippets of my final ten days and a little personal reflection at the end.  Thanks for following my journey!  It was fun to share it with y’all.



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