On September 1st, basic girls along the east coast came climbing out of the woodwork, already ordering PSLs and pulling their scarves out of storage (no judgment, I stand among you all).I realize it’s a bit premature as we’re still averaging 80 degree days and, technically, we’re sitting in the summer season until September 20th. But make no mistake, September isn’t just an excuse to start getting excited for autumn, but for the biggest shift in seasonal energy since we put away our raincoats and boots back in May (or was it June? Who’s to say because Global Warming).

We come off this high of sweet summertime; typically filled with sunny vacations (and a lot of margaritas) and are subsequently met with the impending calm that lives in the coming months of, what I would argue is, the most peaceful season in our calendar year.

That’s what excites me about September. Yes, I can’t wait to lose track of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes I will consume from The Chipped Cup (not Starbucks, let’s be clear), visit Blue Jay Orchards in Connecticut to pick apples and drink fresh apple cider, and slip into my fall wardrobe and show you all how much money I have wasted on sweaters. But, mostly, I look forward to this month for the way the season brings peace to my mind and soul.

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