Elephants on elephants on elephants


I don’t wear a ton of jewelry. I have one very pertinent piece I wear almost every single day — a name-plate necklace my friend Danielle had made for me in my mom’s handwriting. I take it off on the rarest of occasions for a show or to wear something else but, most days, it stays with me. It’s sentimental and significant; whereas most of my other jewelry is accented or for show.

My friend Gerardo works for a jewelry company that specializes in well-crafted, very fine, expensive jewelry. He offered me the option of renting some pieces for the opening night of Pretty Woman in August, but I didn’t see anything that appealed to me. More recently, he gifted me a necklace of my choosing from the company in exchange for a review. Amongst the options was a sweet little sterling silver elephant necklace. I chose it because I thought it was sweet and simple – something I could wear now and then. Moreover, I wanted to help out my friend (and who doesn’t love free stuff?).

But in the spirit of being more minimal and simple with my belongings, my mind, and my relationships, I was hesitant to get anything I didn’t need. So I started looking into the meaning of elephants and their potential significance to my life (other than just their ability to make me uncontrollably giddy as I watch videos of them playing in bodies of water).

I came across an article detailing the symbolism of elephants within different cultures: strength, beauty, power. But the general consensus of their presence is this —

Many communities consider the elephant to be a strong symbol of luck and good fortune…the famous saying goes, “Keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can get protection from bad luck and only invite the good inside.”

If there was ever a more appropriate place for this sweet little sterling silver elephant to sit, it is amongst the goodness gifted to me by people who fill my soul, who represent the brightness I have invited inside my world, and who encourage me to only leave room for the good. I would only choose something that significant and symbolic to get entangled with the chains that hold something very important close to me. I’m glad I inadvertently chose you, little elephant, to keep at the door to my house.

Also, there’s a great journalist forum called Elephant Journal that I subscribe to for really deep and connective articles. Subscribe, you won’t be sorry >>> Elephant Journal

Also, here’s a baby elephant playing in a very small pool of water in case you’re having a hard day >>> https://youtu.be/Q-2shQ6NAyU

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