the coffee chronicles: dear mama

new york, the coffee chronicles

Y’all know I live for a good coffee shop. It’s my thing. Some people love going to the beach or museums – I love a day trip to a coffeeshop I’ve never been to.

This morning, as I wandered the upper east side awaiting my time to be officially dubbed a kitten mama on 110th and 2nd, I spotted a coffeeshop around the corner called Dear Mama (ironic, right?).

I rarely make it to the east side. To be frank, when you live on the west side of Manhattan, the east side feels like another land (don’t even get me started on Brooklyn). So when I do make my way to a new part of town, I like to embrace it and explore.

It’s sweet but chic – bright and beautifully decorated. They have metallic pineapple wallpaper and homemade pies and everything croissants (be still my heart). The baristas promptly invited me to the shop’s Friendsgiving — so if you’re searching for a place to eat delicious homemade food, look no further:

(If you attend, please take a photo of the secret special departing gift and also stash a piece of Apple Caramel Pie in your bag for me).

If you’re wandering the upper (upper) east side, swing through here. It’s super cute and friendly and the chairs are comfy.

Okay, brb — going to become a mama.

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