best nine: vol. 1

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As we turn into the homestretch of 2018, we’re naturally privy to a lot of self-reflection. It’s especially easy to do when we’re influenced by everyone around us; specifically on social media. I mostly find the last week of December, my feed is filled with the grid of photos generated by a website called “Best Nine.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Best Nine, it’s a collage of the top nine Instagram photos from your page that received the most traction from #1 to #9. It’s fun and all, but here’s the thing — more likely than not, that collage of photos will in no way represent your best nine moments this year – just the most aesthetically pleasing ones.

I started thinking about self-generating my own Best Nine. What were truly my best moments of 2018? If I could encapsulate my year in nine moments, what would I choose?

Over the next nine days, I’ll be giving you my best nine (in chronological order) and the stories that surround these significant moments.

February 9th: The Day I Saw Waitress for the 3rd and a Half Time.

In November of 2017, my friends and I had purchased tickets to see Jason Mraz’s very limited run in Waitress. I had already seen the show twice, but Jason Mraz has always been one of my favorite artists, next to Waitress composer Sara Bareilles. I was working at CATS at the time, and had taken the night off to go see Waitress, but made up for it working that afternoon. Jason’s dresser also happened to be doing daywork at CATS that same day and told me that I could come backstage and meet him after the show (cue the ugly crying).

I left from daywork and went straight to Bareburger on 46th street to meet my friends for dinner before the show. About halfway through the meal I started to feel…not right. You know, that rock-in-the-stomach kind of feeling. With every step we took from Bareburger to the Brooks Atkinson, I was feeling worse and worse. We sat down in our seats and I was 99% positive I would have to preemptively apologize to the woman in front of me in case I threw up on her – that was where we were at.

I barely made it through Act One. I tried invoking the “mind over matter” mentality and just kept telling myself I got to meet Jason Mraz if I kept powering through.

During intermission, I reluctantly left, got in a cab, and threw up three times on Riverside Drive on my walk home. There was a man walking his dog who definitely thought I was some drunk idiot stumbling through our neighborhood.

I was so bummed. I missed my chance! I was going to meet Jason Freaking Mraz and nothing was going to stand in my way and my body was like, “Hold my beer.”

So here we are, February 9th, and Jason Mraz is now playing opposite Sara Bareilles in his final weekend at Waitress. I am gainfully unemployed, but still went to the box office and got the cheapest ticket I could to the show (for the low low price of $160 – oops).

And afterwards, I got to meet Jason Mraz, and tell him the tale of how I almost threw up all over him in November. But instead, I was here, not throwing up all over him, and wearing my favorite sweater.


One thought on “best nine: vol. 1

  1. How come I only heard Part I of this story ( the barfy part) ? I must have slept through the happy ending! Beautiful memory for beautiful you!XXOO


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