best nine: vol. 2


In March, I decided to do a round of Whole30 on steroids — No grains, no dairy, no added sugar, no alcohol, no legumes, no social media for thirty days. Within that time, I also made the brave move to get veneers over my front four teeth – something I had wanted for most of my adult life.

When I was in the second grade, I was kicked in the mouth during a gymnastics class and my two front baby teeth were kicked out. I think after that they were super scared to grow in next to each other, and I was subsequently left with large gaps between my front four teeth. We considered braces, Invisalign, and everything in between, but my dentist assured me that they would adjust once my top wisdom teeth grew in. Alas, they never did; and as I grew out of my adolescence and into adulthood, my insecurity with my teeth started to grow too.

In 2013, a month before I moved to New York, my dentist told me about the option of porcelain veneers – the best option in his opinion, especially if I wanted to pursue a career in the arts. It wasn’t until four years after the fact that I actually chose to take the plunge. A few days before CATS closed at the end of 2017, I stopped into my dentist’s office and asked him if we could get the ball rolling and by the time we finished, on March 21st, I finally felt like I was coming into myself for the first time in a very, very long time. On March 27th, Sub/Urban Photography captured my new-found energy in my updated headshots.

March was a very transformative month – I stripped a lot of my world down to the bare bones and rebuilt it to cultivate a much more prosperous year for my soul.

More on that to come xx

Photograph by Sub/Urban Photography

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