best nine: vol. 3

new york, personal

In March I started rehearsals for a production of Chess at The Gallery Players in Brooklyn. Admittedly, I almost didn’t take the gig. I was afraid I would get an offer to work wardrobe for a show over the two months we would be in rehearsal/production.

I sat in The Chipped Cup formatting a “respectfully decline” email for the director when my friend/collaborator/(sometimes) writing partner Emm O’Connor unexpectedly walked in. She was meeting a mutual friend of ours to start collaborating on a web series. We all ended up sitting together, talking out ideas for an hour or so, and I was elated. Emm walking in at that moment was a reminder from the universe that I moved here to create art; not to turn away from it in fear that better opportunities would come my way at the same time.

As we sat there, I deleted my draft and quickly typed out an acceptance email – thus signing onto one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in a show in New York and meeting some of the greatest people I know. This show taught me humility, patience, and a lot about how not to lead a company when you’re carrying a show on your shoulders.

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