twenty seven lessons from twenty seven

  1. Your kitten will become a cat because growth is inevitable. Don’t fight it.
  2. Living in the moment is paramount. It is also much easier than your thought it would be.
  3. Create your own way, you will thank yourself for it later.
  4. Paris will rapidly become your favorite international city, but the water they bring to your table will not be free.
  5. Friends helping friends is always on brand.
  6. All good things must come to an end. Even if it’s a Broadway show where everyone’s cool and kind to each other, it must, at some point, become a really happy memory.
  7. Less is more. Sell it, chuck it, give it away if you’re not using it.
  8. Your voice is interesting and unique. You will learn to use it, embrace it, and silence those who try to convince you that it must conform to the norm in order for you to succeed.
  9. Sit in the uncomfortability that comes with the changing seasons.
  10. Not all connections will become lengthy relationships.
  11. You are not letting yourself down simply because the narrative of your dreams is shifting.
  12. Botox is your friend, as long as it’s in moderation. It is not taboo. Say it again.
  13. Your friendships will shift with age and with time. Sometimes the shift will be a resurgence, sometimes the shift will mean letting them go.
  14. This is the first age you will reach in your adult life where you don’t have a boyfriend. Embrace that.
  15. Skincare routines are important. Even when you think you’re too drunk to complete it.
  16. Don’t leave the house without first filling in your eyebrows.
  17. Screen time can and will compromise your eyesight. Eat your carrots and order blue light glasses on Amazon.
  18. Some things – relationships, experiences, pieces of art – are better left where they are rather than trying to revive them.
  19. You are allowed to wear a myriad of hats. Stop limiting yourself.
  20. You will be met with people who may not recognize your successes the same way you do. Their opinion will not shrink the narrative you’ve written for yourself unless you allow it to.
  21. You cannot have more than two drinks anymore without being met with a brutal hangover the following morning and you just need to start accepting that.
  22. Turkey is the least cool part of Thanksgiving. #TeamSides
  23. If you get a weave, you will feel like you’ve lost your hair when you get it taken out. You are not balding. You are normal.
  24. You can act on-camera and you should act on-camera.
  25. Never fly Norwegian.
  26. Lean into the idea of coexistence over competition.
  27. Cilantro still tastes like soap.

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