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Let’s Gossip.

I basked in the first day of 2017 with an astonishingly horrific hangover as I sat across from one of my best gals, Hailei, in Astoria, Queens following a New Years Eve that was overflowing with many different types of liquor and a night for the books.  After trying to stomach a breakfast burrito at Queen’s Comfort (key word — trying.  I tolerated maybe two bites), she took me to the promise land: a little coffeeshop on 30th Avenue called Gossip Coffee.


I live for a great aesthetic and, despite my aversion to anything bright that morning, I was living for this houndstooth-coated coffee shop.

It’s been well over a year since my first visit, but today I share with you my return to Gossip Coffee in Astoria, where I enjoyed a decadent oat milk latte with my beautiful Hailei (where neither I nor she felt like a tiny man was mining for coal inside our heads).

*It’s important to note that Gossip Coffee passes the Oatly test: They have it. That’s the only question on the test.

Our barista was wonderfully weird — fun and chill and jumping into our photos while she made us lattes and convinced us that doughnuts would perfectly accompany our drinks (There was no real arm-twisting here). Gossip has Chef Scottish Francis’s hashtag-shaped doughnuts for sale, but I opted for a vanilla frosted with rainbow sprinkles (my fave).  If you’ve just finished a Whole30 stint, do yourself a favor and only eat half the doughnut. I have zero shame in admitting that I could not stomach the whole thing.

Hailei and I sat in the courtyard behind the glass double doors for a bit; which was bearable despite the weather, and will be perfect come summertime (If we ever get a summertime…). It’s home to many plants, benches, and a mini tricycle that I attempted to sit on but was too scared to actually ride.

Gossip was filled to the brim with patrons without being overly crowded. It’s great to see that a local coffee shop is getting the traction it deserves. The aesthetic, baristas, doughnuts, and in-house espresso blend make it worth a return visit.



*It’s also important to note that the closest subway station to Gossip Coffee (30 Av) is closed for the time being as the MTA exists only to create chaos in our lives rather than to simplify it. I walked from the Broadway stop and it was less than desirable, but totally doable.

t h e   l o o k

Bagatelle Heritage Red Bell Sleeve Jacket:

I found this jacket on super clearance for $18 at Marshalls Stores  all because one of the snaps were falling off.  It was a steal.

Cynthia Rowley Cream Sweater:

I got this sweater as a gift and I live in it!  Cynthia Rowley is one of my favorite designers, and many of her items are sold at TJX stores; which I can only assume is where this is from…

H & M Black High-Rise Skinny Jeans:

I’m a high-rise gal all the way.  And while many of my denim comes from TJMaxx, I also dig a good high-rise skinny from H&M.  They’re $20, they make your tush look great, but they’ll last you maybe the year before they start to fall apart.  You’ve been warned.

Style & Co. Venesa Riding Boots:

These boots are originally from Macy’s with their Style&Co Brand marked at $80.  I happened to break my lace-up black boots a few weeks ago while visiting family in Connecticut and stumbled upon these at a second-hand store, Plato’s Closet Danbury, brand new, with tags, for $12.



Alright, let’s be blunt: I love coffeeshops.  Unless I am desperate, you will never catch me with a Starbucks cup in hand.  I have an unhealthy addiction to my morning latte, and it all started at one beautifully quaint coffeeshop on 149th and Broadway.


If you know anything about me, you know that for the past three years I have lived in four different apartments, seven different theaters and one coffeeshop called The Chipped Cup.  I discovered my love for mom and pop coffeeshops about nine months after my move to Hamilton Heights when I met a friend there for breakfast.  Their coffee is incredible, that’s a given; but privately-owned coffeeshops are so much more than their coffee.  The serenity that comes from being in a cozy, unique environment is such a special find in this loud and vivacious city.  Very rarely can we revisit a space outside the confines of our own that fill the warmth and peace that a small coffeeshop provides.

Looking back, I have made more memories, conversation, and artistic endeavors sitting in that coffeeshop than most other places in Manhattan.  I collaborated on my first pilot there.  I played catch up with a friend for six hours at the wobbly table in front of their bar.  I spent the afternoon there before my one woman show talking out dialogue kinks with my director and compressing my nerves.  I fell apart about my frustration with my career to my best friend at a table surrounded by their packed rush one Saturday afternoon.  I have brought many a friend there to share the warmth and familiarity this place provides for me.

People are always asking me why I pour so much time and, subsequently, money into this place.  It’s not about the coffee (although they make a mean latte).  It’s about the space they’ve created amongst the strip of 149th and Broadway that keeps me coming back.